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Photoshoot with the Tanner Brothers @ The Kentish Hare

Had the pleasure to shoot James & Chris Tanner at the Kentish Hare this week. Such passionate, enthusiastic, inspiring chaps!!

Great day on set and defo worth a visit to this beautiful part of Kent countryside. And yes the Chocolate Pavé tasted better than it looked… go on, get yourself over there and try it yourself!





Colour lesson – CMYK / RGB. What do these letters mean?

So what is CMYK and RGB colour?


CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (Black is K and stands for Key plate)

RGB = Red, Green, Blue

We use CMYK for printing. These four coloured inks combined make up all the colours you’ll find in everything printed – Magazines, Brochures, Flyers etc. CMYK is subtractive, just like paint as you add more colour, eventually everything will turn black. So next time your reading a Magazine / Flyer take a close look at the image and try to see if you can see the dots making up the colour.

RGB coloured light is used for screens – for example your TV, Mobile, Tablet, SatNav & Camera’s display RGB. More colours can be produced than CMYK. RGB is additive, just like the way real light creates colours. You start with black (darkness) and as you add lights of more colours you eventually get white (all colours shining together like a regular lightbulb) RGB can create millions of different colours using the spectrum of light.

FACT ALERT – CMYK dates back to 1906, when the Eagle Printing Ink Company used this process for the first time! RGB aws used in TV’s back 1928!!!

If you have any more design questions, please feel free to let us know, happy to help!







Omnivore World Tour – London

Heard of it?!? Bet you haven’t but as a keen follower of new exciting pop up food shows this is one to watch! This weekend the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch will be hosting Omnivore Worldwide Tour. Omnivore has cherry picked the worlds best chefs for master classes from Tom Aikens, Nuno Mendes come and join me I’m dead excited!!




Mirror, mirror on a wall…

As I was walking through Covent Garden today something took my eye, the brand new Mirror art installation called ‘Reflect London’, but theres more to this than meets the eye… I can only imagine what the brief was…

Brief – we want to build a brand new restaurant in Covent Garden, updating the currently Grade II-listed building but want to make the boardings a feature…

Solution – cover the boardings with Mirrors and call it a Art Installation, name it Reflect London… Genius!

So this is it, 67 mirrors all pointing at different angles covering some 32,000 square feet.



Covent Garden Mirrors