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Are you looking for a full rebrand? A fresh set of ideas? Or just help to brand your business? Brand Experts James Sheridan Creative can turn your vision into reality. James our founder & creative director was in full time employment with Delice de France for 10 years. Back in 2020 he was tasked with rebranding Delice de France following a management buy-out and the old business name ‘Aryzta’ was completely erased from the UK market. The brief was to put Delice de France in the centre of foodservice (we executed this by placing the logo within the centre of food images/graphics), we love what we do (a heart icon replaces the dot onto of the letter i to resemble love) and we care for your customers (we drew a friendly, welcoming smile within the logo). Delice de France also wanted keep the French heritage (we used accents of colour to symbolise the French accents, and introduced bold colours for a fresh new look). Delice didn’t want to look corporate (as a base we used a freehand font to symbolise hand craftsmanship, then each letter has been tweaked to be unique to create an eye catching logo)


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